PoE Driven Power Supply with Lithium Battery Backup, Board

Altronix Tango1B PoE Driven Power Supply/Charger converts an IEEE802.3bt PoE input into a regulated 24VDC and/or 12VDC output up to 72W. Ideal access installations, it eliminates the need for a high voltage power supply inside of an enclosure. The Tango 8-pin connector allows for stacking with compatible Altronix sub-assemblies such as ACMS8(CB), LINQ8ACM(CB) or PDS8(CB) saving valuable enclosure space. Tango1B is designed to support a single 12V LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery for high storage and charge/discharge cycle life reliability.

  • Ethernet Input
    • 802.3bt PoE up to 90W or 802.3at up to 30W or 802.3af up to 15W.
    • CAT-6 or higher cable is recommended for optimum performance.
  • Power Output
    • (when using 802.3bt 90W):
    • 12VDC up to 6A (72W) and/or 24VDC up to 3A (72W). Combined output not to exceed 72W.
      • When charging batteries:
        • 12VDC up to 5A (62W) and/or 24VDC up to 2.7A (62W). Combined output not to exceed 62W.
  • Ethernet Output
    • Pass-through Ethernet Port (data only).
    • 100/1G
  • Battery Charging
    • Battery fuse reading 10A/32V.
    • Automatically adjusts between Lead Acid and Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries.
    • Unique technology allows for single battery to backup 12VDC and/or 24VDC systems.
    • Low power shutdown. Shuts down DC output terminals if battery voltage drops below 80% of nominal. Prevents deep battery discharge.
    • (Batteries are sold separately).
  • Supervision
    • Loss of PoE Input.
    • Battery Supervision.
  • Visual Indicators
    • Input indicates input voltage is present.
    • Battery status indicates battery trouble condition.
    • PoE Class indicator.
    • Supervision PoE Fail or BAT Fail.
  • Additional Features
    • Short circuit and overload protection.
  • Physical and Environmental
      • Temperature:
        • Operating: 0° C to 49° C (32° F to 120° F).
        • Storage: - 20° C to 70° C ( - 4° F to 158° F).
      • Relative Humidity:
        • Relative Humidity: 85% +/- 5%.
      • BTU/Hr. (approx.):
        • 54 BTU/Hr.
UL Listed For:
Access Control System Units (UL294)
Dimensions (approximate):
  • 4.125"W x 7.625"L x 1.25"H (104.8 mm W x 193.7 mm L x 32 mm H).
Weights (approximate):
  • Product Weight: 0.7 Lbs. (0.32 kg).
  • Shipping Weight: 0.95 Lbs. (0.43 kg).